Banketje: Banketje Relax

05’33 min, video with sound
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In an old barn in Oostknollendam, Banketje (Harriët van Reek & Geerten Ten Bosch) performs BOPMOPS on visitors: Bijzonder Organische Persoonlijke Make-Over Behandelingen, meaning: Special Organic Personal Make-Over Treatments, in a created décor, entitled ‘Herberg De Weldoenerij’.

Frans van Lent: Village

05’14 min, video with sound
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Men, looking at a village.
February 26, 2022.

Frans Verschoor: 1 sec. #4

1 sec, video, no sound
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1 sec.#4
During walks I take hundreds of pictures, more or less random, but always with a shutter speed of 1/30 second. For the work “1 sec.#4″ I selected 30 photos of tree trunks and placed them in consecutive order in a video. This imaginary representation of time and place plays back at 30 frames per second, lasting exactly 1 second.