Dowon Yoo: Making an island

China has built an artificial island on Mischief Reef in the sea of Southeast Asia. The island is within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone, but China uses it to claim sovereignty over the area. Other powerful countries, such as the United States and Japan, have also expanded their territory through artificial islands and used them as military bases.

If artificial islands can function as territories, wouldn’t it be possible to create territories in digital space as well? Can this island with the thinnest height be called an island? This work began with the question.

The stones that make up the island were 3D scanned, and symbols extracted from the flag of the country where the stones were scanned are placed on the texture map and serve as labeling.Dowon Yoo

Frans van Lent: Duet

La Puebla de Castro, Spain
14 May 2023

From the trees overhanging the path came the sound of a nightingale.
I recorded the sound with my phone and then played it loudly.
The nightingale responded and sang a duet with its own captured song.

The recorded sound.Frans van Lent