The 2nd Festival of the Smallest (2022)
The smallest, the quietest, the least, the narrowest, the slowest, the lightest, the shortest and the thinnest. We show work, barely perceptible by eye or by ear, yet unmistakably present. 

Banketje: Banketje Relax

05’33 min, video with sound
best experienced fullscreen

In an old barn in Oostknollendam, Banketje (Harriët van Reek & Geerten Ten Bosch) performs BOPMOPS on visitors: Bijzonder Organische Persoonlijke Make-Over Behandelingen, meaning: Special Organic Personal Make-Over Treatments, in a created décor, entitled ‘Herberg De Weldoenerij’.

Frans van Lent: Village

05’14 min, video with sound
best experienced fullscreen

Men, looking at a village.
February 26, 2022.

Frans Verschoor: 1 sec. #4

1 sec, video, no sound
best experienced fullscreen

1 sec.#4
During walks I take hundreds of pictures, more or less random, but always with a shutter speed of 1/30 second. For the work “1 sec.#4″ I selected 30 photos of tree trunks and placed them in consecutive order in a video. This imaginary representation of time and place plays back at 30 frames per second, lasting exactly 1 second.