Frans Verschoor: Untitled (1993) & Slowscape #5 (2020)

Video, no sound, 0’32
(please watch full screen)

Twenty-seven years ago I made this work (Untitled, 1993), which measures only 1.5 x 1.5 millimeters. It consists of an image of one of my paintings from 1990, which is exactly a hundred times larger.
(Collection A. Hardenbol)

Video, no sound, 21’42
(please watch full screen)

Slowscape#5 explores the boundaries of photography, painting and video. Almost imperceptibly, locations from all over the world blend together, creating new, as of yet undiscovered landscapes.
The only constant is the horizon.
Slowscape#5 doesn’t tell a linear story, but could be experienced as an imaginary journey, without a beginning, without an end and without a goal. The viewer can step in or out at any moment; the landscape will flow on, traversing time and space.

Wilma Vissers: Untitled

Untitled, 3 x 2 cm.

Untitled, 7 x 5 x 4,5 cm.

Untitled, 8 x 6 x 4,5 cm.

Works made of scraps of wood and painted with gouache and oil markers.
They come from a series of small mini-artworks that I made to challenge myself.
I wanted to know if I could make something very small,
but with a huge monumental impact.

When I worked on this I realized::
to create space, something small is needed.

Christine Wassermann: 2017-03-02

Video, no sound, 6’32

The work 2017-03-02 consists of a few seconds of a TV report, slowed down 100 times.

From the middle of 2016 on, I increasingly used selected, only a few seconds long film sequences – often from current news broadcasts – as a starting point.  I noticed that the picture reports almost exclusively consist of a quick sequence of extremely short clips, which are hardly consciously noticed by the viewer in their relevance. These successive spots result in a melody whose individual notes are no longer recorded independently.

By isolating very short film clips, slowing them down extremely (up to 100 times) and deliberately blurring them, I try to extract their individual content in its visual essence from these short film snippets. The results are soundless, silent …

Through processing, they acquire their own aesthetic quality and stand for themselves, regardless of their original context.

-Christine Wassermann

Ed Woodham: Gamechanger & Red String Theory

Video, no sound.
33’33 min.
Please watch full screen.

Gamechanger (long version)
This quantum art video explores a theory of the nature of time-travel through a wormhole. Time dilation connects differently inside and outside of the wormhole. The theory posits that if synchronized clocks at either end of the wormhole remain harmonized – as witnessed by an observer passing through it – time-travel is possible.



Red String Theory
Underdeveloped and untested, Red String Theory (RST) is a phenomena that is unexplainable. Poetic displays of crimson jute are minimalist manifestations that represent other dimensional occurrences beyond the comprehensible. This red string is a simple model of the complex formula to illustrate “being stuck” in a third dimension while parallel realities exist simultaneously connected by the particles of a single dimension.