Christine Wassermann: 2017-03-02

Video, no sound, 6’32

The work 2017-03-02 consists of a few seconds of a TV report, slowed down 100 times.

From the middle of 2016 on, I increasingly used selected, only a few seconds long film sequences – often from current news broadcasts – as a starting point.  I noticed that the picture reports almost exclusively consist of a quick sequence of extremely short clips, which are hardly consciously noticed by the viewer in their relevance. These successive spots result in a melody whose individual notes are no longer recorded independently.

By isolating very short film clips, slowing them down extremely (up to 100 times) and deliberately blurring them, I try to extract their individual content in its visual essence from these short film snippets. The results are soundless, silent …

Through processing, they acquire their own aesthetic quality and stand for themselves, regardless of their original context.

-Christine Wassermann