The 1st Festival of the Smallest (2020)

We are looking for the smallest, the quietest, the least, the narrowest, the slowest, the lightest, the shortest and the thinnest. If your work is barely perceptible by eye, by ear, by mind, yet unmistakably present, then we want to show it somehow.
We don’t want to predefine a format. It can be part of an exhibition, an evening or a magazine. It depends what you come up with …

Unfortunately, this last promise could not be kept. Due to the revival of the pandemic, we can only present this festival online.
Nevertheless, we believe that this inevitability has turned out to be a quality.


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Trevor Byrne
Clare Charnly
Maud Faassen
Tamara Jungnickel
Ienke Kastelein
Joshua Legallienne
Frans van Lent
Manuela Macco
Nico Parlevliet
Patrick Quinn
ronnie s
Patrick Stefanak
Society of Smallness
Adriana Valls
Frans Verschoor
Wilma Vissers
Christine Wassermann
Ed Woodham

Clare Charnley: Podium

At this scale it can no longer raise you up above the others. Maybe it’s grown so small, so lightweight, so easily broken, that it’s lost the power to exhort us – to compete – to achieve.

 But maybe it’s grown small enough to enter our veins.

Maud Faassen: Van de Druppel naar de Plas

Still from the performance,
Kijkduin, The Netherlands 2018 (26min 27)

Maud Faassen. Their art practice evolves around the concept of ’traces’. Traces which arise from changes and the presence of themselves and the cooperation time.
They search for this concept through performances and land art installations where natural materials such as clay and sand play a predominant role.

Tamara Jungnickel: untitled

Tamara Jungnickel
watercolour on paper, 2019.
86 x 61 mm
Regularly recurring themes in her work are man and nature and their mutual relationship. By means of silent stories, but without it being unambiguous what happens, she tries to depict a feeling, a situation, a desire, still and poetically.

Tamara Jungnickel (1968) graduated from the Royal Academy in The Hague, lives and works in Dordrecht.