Ed Woodham: Gamechanger & Red String Theory

Video, no sound.
33’33 min.
Please watch full screen.

Gamechanger (long version)
This quantum art video explores a theory of the nature of time-travel through a wormhole. Time dilation connects differently inside and outside of the wormhole. The theory posits that if synchronized clocks at either end of the wormhole remain harmonized – as witnessed by an observer passing through it – time-travel is possible.



Red String Theory
Underdeveloped and untested, Red String Theory (RST) is a phenomena that is unexplainable. Poetic displays of crimson jute are minimalist manifestations that represent other dimensional occurrences beyond the comprehensible. This red string is a simple model of the complex formula to illustrate “being stuck” in a third dimension while parallel realities exist simultaneously connected by the particles of a single dimension.