Adriana Valls: r00m_(s) as diablis

01 solitx (NM)

02 sleeps

03 scuter y pulgas

04 i think it’s the elevation

05 solitx (TX)

06 dog water wings

6 audio pieces

In this project I recorded the sounds of 3 rooms that I lived in over the course of a year, while I was “by myself” (there are dogs in some of the recordings lol). I manipulated and cut 15 recordings, and layered them into 6 pieces. I created new subtle environments using the sounds that happen around me when it’s quiet. I did this with intentions to work a material that is usually EQ’d out of recordings, something always present and unwanted (usually).

They are field recordings of my rooms. The sounds that happen when i am dissociating, self isolating, in a depressive state etc.

artwork: caderpillar1000