Frans Verschoor: Untitled (1993) & Slowscape #5 (2020)

Video, no sound, 0’32
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Twenty-seven years ago I made this work (Untitled, 1993), which measures only 1.5 x 1.5 millimeters. It consists of an image of one of my paintings from 1990, which is exactly a hundred times larger.
(Collection A. Hardenbol)

Video, no sound, 21’42
(please watch full screen)

Slowscape#5 explores the boundaries of photography, painting and video. Almost imperceptibly, locations from all over the world blend together, creating new, as of yet undiscovered landscapes.
The only constant is the horizon.
Slowscape#5 doesn’t tell a linear story, but could be experienced as an imaginary journey, without a beginning, without an end and without a goal. The viewer can step in or out at any moment; the landscape will flow on, traversing time and space.