Ienke Kastelein: PINHOLE-speldenprik

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prompt PINHOLE speldenprik signed IK

Ienke Kastelein is interested in perception and the senses. She is engaged in context and habitat. Hence walking and sitting have become essential research methods as well as performance practices. Public and interior space are conceived as the studio or the stage. Walking is approached as a performance in which participants are the audience.

Her approach can be perceived as scenography or dramaturgy of space. She embraces lightness and play. Her whole body of work is a research and a reflection on being present and presence itself.

Joshua Legallienne: Zero-Material Performance (2019)

Joshua Legallienne has made a limited run of postcards containing instructions to perform the work Zero-Material Performance. The artist will send the postcards via international mail to the first 25 people to respond to this form:

Zero-Material Performance is a phenomenological exploration of listening and sound creation using only the human body. The ears act as both the receiver and creator of sound. The work is not performed by the artist but instructions are given to willing participants in order for them to enact in a suitable location at any point in the future. The piece belongs to a collection of works that offer rich and diverse sonic experiences for everyday people and situations. Enacting the piece is an intimate and subjective experience, highlighting the beauty that listening as a practice can offer – even when conventional materials or methodologies for creating sound are absent. Zero-Material Performance takes the concept of immateriality to its logical end point: a sound work that exists only in the moment in which it is performed and needs only the hearing apparatus to function.

Joshua Legallienne is a British-born artist exploring sustainable and unconventional approaches to acoustic sound production within an artistic context. Through sculpture, installation, and performance, the artist stages intimate experiences that explore the relationships between sound, physical materials, and environmental phenomena. Legallienne’s work is regularly exhibited and performed in the UK and internationally; operating primarily outside of a traditional gallery context. Their work is unmediated, mostly undocumented, and in line with this the artist has no website or online presence.

Frans van Lent: Clicking and Blinking

Synchronising tongue-clicking with the blinking of my eyes.
Video, sound, 8’00
(Please watch full screen with audio switched on)

The work of Frans van Lent is concept driven and minimal in approach. Through performative and sculptural methods, his practice focuses on human behaviour in the public realm and observing, processing and redefining the ordinary ways in which this is visible. He uses various methods, specifically chosen for each occasion: performance; photography, film and sound, descriptive texts.

Manuela Macco: Suspended Lines

video performance, 2012 / 2’20’’
performer: Paola Mongelli, Audrey Cottin
video: Dario Martinez

In a public space two performers hold in their hands a thread, a few tens of meters long, connecting them. They are waiting for someone who, not seeing the thread, breaks their thin, fragile connection.

This work is part of THREAD cycle.
I use a thin white sewing thread, to make connections. The action involves the audience in the construction of some ephemeral installations. The results of this are never entirely predictable. The duration can not be defined. I was born and raised in a town whose economy was based on the textile industry. The thread is rooted in my origins, it is intertwined with my genetic filaments. The thread is never one. The thread is: dialogue a long sudden silence, a voice that is broken, the inarticulate thought that dies on the tip of my tongue, a web of fine memories, stratified narrations, a lamina of the cerebral cortex, the responsibility of the “here and now “, the fear in dermal papillae, between thumb and index, fragility, strength, tension, alternation, breakage, loss, the possibilities between A and B, the other, hell, the distance between me and myself, the lightness that trembles, the care, the almost invisible, the possible nourishment, the subtle impediment, the choice.