Nico Parlevliet: Flowing Wantij

1’00 min, video with sound
best experienced with headphones

‘We represent small sounds as great and deep, likewise great sounds extenuate and sharp; we make divers tremblings and warblings of sounds, which in their original are entire. We represent and imitate all articulate sounds and letters, and the noices and notes of beasts and birds. We have certain helps which set to the ear do further the hearing greatly. We also have divers strange and artificial echoes, reflecting the noice many times, and as it were tossing it, and some that give back the noice louder than it came, some shriller and some deeper; yea, some rendering the noice differing in the letters or articulate sound from that they receive’.

From New Atlantis by Francis Bacon
(unfinished published in 1626)